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About Life Chiropractic in Davie

Dr. Rick Hodish has been a chiropractor for over three decades. Through the years, he has cared for a variety of patients. No matter what your age or condition, we want to help you get back to living your life.

A Modern Clinic with a Personal Touch

Davie Chiropractor, Dr. Richard Hodish

Dr. Richard Hodish

Life Chiropractic is equipped with Digital X-ray machine and a variety of the most modern pain relief equipment . Dr. Hodish is an expert at different chiropractic techniques. His experience enables him to select the correct technique and appropriate equipment to help a wide variety of injuries, ailments, and problems.

Do you have questions about chiropractic? We’re here to listen and put you at ease. Dr. Rick always takes the time to explain what he’s found and answer your questions.

Specific Care and Effective Treatment

“I want to improve the quality of your health and fitness.” – Dr. Rick Hodish

Dr. Hodish is a chiropractor who believes in helping people by relieving pain on the first visit itself. You may feel that the pain is the problem, but it may actually be a symptom of a deeper problem in your body. We can help diagnose and rectify the problem.

Tell us what you feel and what you want. Let our expertise guide you about other things that you may need.

Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

Rehabilitation plays a critical role for long-term improvement in many spinal injuries. Dr. Rick teaches physical therapy to help correct extremity problems and to improve spinal alignment and posture.
Having been an athlete himself, he is experienced and adept at relieving sports injuries and helping athletes achieve optimum fitness.

To benefit from Dr. Hodish’s experienced and gentle care, schedule an appointment with him at Life Chiropractic today.