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Meet Dr. Richard Hodish, Davie Chiropractor

Davie Chiropractor, Dr. Richard Hodish

Dr. Richard Hodish – Martial Arts

It All Began with Martial Arts

“I’d been an athlete and practicing martial arts since a young age. A friend of mine became a chiropractor and talking to him got me interested in chiropractic.” As he read more about chiropractic, Dr. Hodish found that the philosophy of natural healing and the connection of body and spirit were in tune with his education in martial arts.

Finding a Calling

Studying chiropractic at Life University was a life-changing experience for Dr. Hodish. “I was and still am inspired by the chiropractic principles. I had a goal and a mission to use chiropractic care to help people.” Dr. Hodish was involved in the communications club to help educate the public about chiropractic care, editor of the school newspaper, and continued to teach martial arts.

“I passed a tough test to become the first Chiropractic Student Clinician.” This position allowed Dr. Hodish to observe, assist and tutor student chiropractors while pursuing his chiropractic degree. “It was also in college that I met my wife.”

Davie Chiropractor, Dr. Richard Hodish

Dr. Hodish in 1973.

An Active Lifestyle

“My choice of sport and exercise has changed over the years.” Dr. Hodish was an athlete in college, an endurance runner and tri-athlete at university, and now he prefers daily biking and swimming and a couple of rounds of golf weekly.

“Keeping fit is a way of life. It helps you stay healthy, recover quickly and reduces daily and long-term stress.”

A Family Experience

“I am so motivated and fulfilled by my ability to help people heal naturally and to live healthier lives.”

“My wife, and I are both chiropractors. Dr. Karen & I have three sons, Myles, Jeff, and Ross. Our eldest played football at Florida State and now works in the insurance business. Our second son is a Captain in the U.S. Army National Guard who everyday lives his dream as a Blackhawk pilot. Our youngest is a Sargent in the USMC and currently in Afghanistan.  We’re very proud of all our sons and their inherent desire to serve our Nation and their communities.”

“I love my work and I love helping people.”

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