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Patient Testimonials

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Life Chiropractic patient testimonials below and email me or contact our office if you have any questions.


Improvement Of My Overall Health, Palmira L.

Thank you Dr. Hodish for being patient with me, understanding and explaining how I can improve my overall health. You have really helped me a lot and I truly appreciate it. Your staff Ashley and Mabel are wonderful and helpful, kind and professional. Overall, thanks to all of you I feel I am on my way to a full recovery.

You all have been awesome to me over the years. I so appreciate your working with me on being able to afford my bi-monthly visits. I believe you are one of the reasons I have been able to stay well—it’s always been an uphill climb for me, but I am much encouraged every time I see you and spend any time with you. It is a blessing to receive care from people who give credit and glory to our eternal Healer!
God bless you,
Debora S.


Professional MMA Fighter, Stephanie Guimaraes

Professional MMA Fighter, Stephanie Guimaraes

Professional MMA Fighter, Stephanie Guimaraes

Stephanie Guimaraes, professional MMA fighter, consummate physical trainee and God willing, a future member of the USMC. She’s currently taking a leave from fighting and putting all her training efforts into getting prepared for Parris Island boot camp.

To see her in action watch this youtube video. Click here

The first time she came to our office for adjustment and rehab I took the liberty of “calling her out”. Thankfully she just laughed.

All the best to you,

I have been a patient of Drs. Karen & Rick Hodish for over 13 years with chronic neck problems.

I had not been to see Dr. Rick for a long time, and after a car accident I was sent to an orthopedist and Physical Therapist, because I had several herniated discs. I was getting worse.

I went back to see Dr. Rick and thanks to THE BEST spinal adjustments ever, I have been getting great relief. I don’t know what I would do without him, Dr. Karen and their wonderful staff of Licensed Massage Therapists and Chiropractic Assistants.

Thank you so much for all that you do.
– Heather D.


Happy Birthday Tova. 90 years Young!

Tova’s been getting adjusted 1 to 2 times a week since first coming to our office in 2005, because she wants to be an “achiever” in life.

I started having recurring bouts of sciatica due to misalignment about 20 years ago. I first went to a medical Dr. who wanted me to take muscle relaxers and pain pills and rest in bed. I’m not one to follow that kind of advice, so I tried chiropractic adjustments combined with massage and that works for me. Over the 20 years, I’ve used several different chiropractors, but Dr. Rick is the best! He spends time with his patients, not only adjusting but giving naturopathic advice on other medical problems and his adjustments are as smooth as silk!
– Gloria K.

quoteI have been a patient of Dr. Hodish’s since I was in 4 th grade when I was experiencing low back pain and my parents discovered I had scoliosis, so they brought me to Dr. Hodish. I have continued to be a patient of Dr. Hodish’s off and on over the years. He is not only a great chiropractor, but a friend. He is a promoter of good health, exercise and “Total wellness.”

When my daughter was one year old she had “recurring ear infection” and was given every antibiotic possible and eventually surgery for ear drainage tubes was recommended. I immediately sought another opinion. I took her off all meds and after some slight adjustments by Dr. Hodish—no more ear problems!
I continued to be a regular patient of Dr. Rick’s office—but as life gets busy and I was feeling so great, I didn’t think I needed this maintenance any longer.

After five years of dealing with back pain and other problems, I decided I couldn’t take it any longer and I came back to Dr. Hodish in Feb. 2001. *No more migraines, sinus, snoring, pinched nerves, sciatica, and I sleep much better. I feel energized! As Dr. Rick always says “power is on.” Thank you Dr. Rick!
Praise the Lord for all he has done. Also thank you—to your loving and friendly staff.
– Michelle L.

“The Doctors Said She May Never Walk”

Arbreska & Dr. Hodish

Arbreska & Dr. Hodish

My children are the best thing that ever happened to me. My boy, Gabriel, brings me so much joy and my daughter, Arbreska, is a special gift from God. However, when Arbreska was born there were so many complications that the doctors said she would not survive. The main problem was the swelling of the left side of her brain and skull. This was due to a perforation in her intestine that allowed the fluid to get to the brain. With her left brain swollen that meant the right side of her body could not get the nerve information to function properly. On top of this the right side of her body was born without the three middle fingers of her right hand and the heel of her right foot could not touch the ground due to abnormal contractions of the muscle, tendons and ligaments. Doctors said Arbreska would not be able to talk, and her hearing and vision would be impaired. Her motor skills would be so bad that she may not ever walk.

At 18 months of age I brought Arbreska to see if chiropractic could help her in any way. Arbreska could not walk… she could not even stand, she had no balance. Yet, since birth she has had physical therapy, occupational rehabilitation therapy and speech therapy… each one 3 to 4 times a week. The therapy helped and she could stand if she held on to something.Show More

On the first visit, Dr. Hodish examined Arbreska’s spine and measured her skull. The left side of her skull was almost a half inch larger than the right side. Dr. Hodish explained that his faith and expectations were strong, yet he gave me no promises. He explained that a specific adjustment would free nerves that were being irritated by subluxation in the upper spine and malalignment of the skull. This adjustment would allow a “re-connection of the Life force within her and her physical being”. Above all, Dr. Hodish assured me there would be no danger to my little angel, Arbreska.
I had to assist him, holding Arbreska on her side and very gently he adjusted her skull. Nothing else was done that day. That night Arbreska stood, unassisted, for the first time in her life.

Within a few weeks Arbreska was taking steps on her own. And then shortly after, she began to run and even assists Dr. Rick in getting adjusted.
The magic of life is a great gift. We thank God for Dr. Rick, for helping us to get and stay healthy. We thank Dr. Rick for giving me faith & hope and never to give up. The future for my family will be brighter with chiropractic.
We Love You,
The Ortiz Family

ArthroStim – Neck & Back Pain Sufferers Get Out of Pain Safely & Gently

I suffered from neck and low back pain before experiencing the ArthroStim. Now I am benefited with relief and much better range of motion! The treatments stimulate and loosen tight areas! It feels good and makes rotating my neck easier. Overall there’s a relaxing effect.
– Terri Y.
For years I have suffered with arthritic stiffness in my neck and upper back. My head movement was so limited that I had to turn my whole body when I had to look side to side.

After only one adjustment with the ArthroStim most of my neck pain and stiffness subsided. I was able to turn my head to the left, which was where the focal point of where my pain was starting. The ArthroStim is like a very good massage!”
– Lucille H.

I had sharp pains in my neck and lower back. Also, I had pain and weakness in my shoulder and arm. I was hesitant to have a chiropractor manipulate my neck. The ArthroStim gets rid of the pain without twisting the spine, and is gentle and relaxing.
– Lillian R.
When I was suffering with neck & low back pain, I did not consider chiropractic care due to fear of getting my neck manipulated. Medication was the relief I sought. When medication failed, ArthroStim treatments were not only another choice, but they should have been the first choice. Pain can be, and IS treated gently and without any discomfort with the ArthroStim.
– Jo Anne G.
I had pain in my low back and right leg before treatments with the ArthroStim. I didn’t get nearly the good results from my past chiropractor of 4 years as I did from Dr. Hodish. His adjustments are amazing, but the adjustment with the ArthroStim is even more amazing! Within 2 weeks I knew I was o my way to healing.
– Ginette C.